Classroom Readiness

Our classrooms aim to model a typical classroom setting for students with special needs with pre-requisite skills for an inclusive setup. The classroom will create a transition environment to prepare students for classroom readiness and working in a group setting.

A small group based setting for developing independence in functional skills.

  • Promote peer-interaction and social skill building
  • Focus on academic skills and individual strengths
  • Enhance student abilities to function in a group environment
  • Focus on behavior management to allow increased opportunities for independence
  • Grade-appropriate skills with modified curricula

Small Groups

Our classrooms are designed to provide individual therapy sessions to students, while also providing an opportunity for group work across the day.

  • Each classroom has 4-5 students so that each child gets utmost attention and care
  • Individual sessions are structured to teach students a variety of skills across academic, social, vocational, self-help and communication domains
  • Skills acquired successfully in an individual session are then generalized across different environments to ensure consistency in learning
  • Occupational therapy sessions along with other therapies are incorporated into a child’s daily schedule
  • The classroom also has a central area designated for meal times, group activities, turn-taking games and social skill activities to facilitate peer interaction.